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2020-05-23 04:22 pm
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Hey, look, its a How's My Driving post!
If you have any feedback, comments or constructive criticism on how I'm playing then feel free to leave it here. We only get better if someone tells us when we screw up, so don't hesitate if you have something to say.


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2012-02-10 11:55 pm
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IC Contact post for [community profile] mayfield_rpg

Hello, you've reached Will Schuester. I can't answer at the moment so please leave a message and I'll get back to you.
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2012-02-06 11:07 pm
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List of Regains:

Complete discography of the band Journey
A large portable CD Boombox
William McKinley yearbook from 2009-2010
A Slushie

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2011-11-04 08:43 pm
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I'm Will Schuester, I work as a teacher at Mayfield High. Apparently Mayfield allows extra curricular activities as long as there is a teacher to sponsor the club. I wanted to call and let everyone know I've signed up to run a Glee club with the school. I was the director of the glee club back at home and I think it might be nice to do something here. The club rules say that you have to be a student to be in the organization but uh, I'm willing to wave that requirement.

No tryouts, just bring yourself to the Spanish room at the high school Monday after classes are over.
If you don't know what Glee club is, well it's like a choir and a dance troupe all in one.

I hope to see some of you there on Monday. I think I have a good song picked out for our first meeting.
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2011-09-07 09:16 pm

Backdated to Sep 2. Locked to Suzuha

[Will felt himself coming out of sleep, it seemend like it had been so long since he was concious. Droning was something he would never get used to, it was like a bad hangover times ten. He let out a sleepy moan and rubbed his eyes before they opened. This didn't look familar at all. Where was he? He sat up and started looking around and that is when he noticed a woman in bed next to him...WAIT WHAT?! What did he do while he was out?]
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2011-06-24 11:10 am


Sorry if I've been scarce for a while. I'm still trying to get over what happened a few weeks ago, does that happen often? Right when I was starting to get used to it here too, what a way to shake you out of that feeling! 

Anyway, I was calling to see if anyone might be interested in trading some CDs, if anyone has any? The post office sent me my Journey discography and a walkman. Don't get my wrong, I love Journey, but its been two weeks and I think it's time for something else.

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2011-05-23 03:29 pm

#2 Phone

[your phone is ringing and on the other end is a slightly nervous sounding man with a question]

Um, I've been here for a while and I was wondering how you go about applying for a job? I have experience in Teaching and a degree in accounting from home, but I prefer the teaching route. I'm also fluent is Spanish.
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2011-04-07 12:59 pm
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01 Intro

Option A: for Sue and the rest of the household

Will is laying in bed, pretty comfortable in that half way between sleep and waking state. It takes him a few minutes to realize that he is not alone in this bed. At first this doesn't phase him, not until he remembers he's divorced now and there should be 0 additional people in his room. THAT wakes him up! He sits up, jolted out of sleep and looks over to find one

Sue Sylvester


Option B: 

Later, after the confrontation with Sue Will is running through the streets, scared for his life. He still has no idea what is going on because LOL, like Sue would tell him anything. You should stop the panic stricken man and tell him whats up.

[ooc: so Sue is going to try and kill him, and Sue-mun and I want Will to have no idea that you don't really die for very long here so while he's going to want as much information as he can get out of some of you try and keep that tidbit to yourself. THANKS!]